mexican fare and drinks

Hole in the wall, taco shop, margarita bar or locals spot, Chica Bonita is that place where we wanted people to forget where they are and enjoy a moment that could be anywhere - Mexico, California, New York City or home in Manly.

...and it just so happens we make some of the best Mexican food in Sydney.


We have a simple recipe for our food- fresh ingredients + simple recipes + a whole lot of love= a damn good time. Each dish has a story to tell and is inspired by our chef’s home cooking, adventures across the globe or what our customers are loving. 

Chica Bonita offers a wide range of Mexican inspired drinks. From the classic margarita to a mezcal negroni, Chica Bonita has a cocktail for every occasion. If you’re not into cocktails (who even are you?) a rotation of imported Mexican beers and South American wines will match perfectly with your Mexican feast.